The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do
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I don’t think anyone can be as random as I am. Seriously. I don’t stick to the basics.

1. I never liked anime as a kid. But I loved Initial D at the age of 25. 

2. I never liked colorful things. I own stuffs at their dullest of color. 

3. I loved swimming but I never want to go out on a rainy season because it will make my feet wet. 

4. I don’t pass as a pretty girl. I don’t see myself in that kind of way. But I see myself as a smart one. 

5. I never liked girls who are flirty and stuff. I mean, who does. But still they insisted on doing it. 

6. I’m a smoker but I never liked people seeing me smoke. 

7. I have tattoos all over, but I am shy to show it even if it’s art. 

8. When i never had a tattoo I’m disgusted with people who does have them. But now that I have one I don’t care about people that doesn’t have a tattoo. :) 

9. I loved plants and flowers but I don’t have a green thumb. If i touch a plant, it will actually die. 

10. I love coffee, i can have them at the cheapest form it can be served or at its best. 

11. I love coffee but instead of having it hot I dilute coffee, cream and sugar in half a cup of hot water and put half cup cold water afterwards. 

12. I love eating sushi. But i am allergic to crabs :) 

13. I hate random guys with indecent proposals. When some of the other girls boosts their confidence by that feeling of being liked. 

14. I have this 100/120 vision. I own glasses but I never wear them because it makes me dizzy even more. 

15. I’m a daddy’s girl but I never talk to my dad anymore. 

16. I love eating but I usually regret it afterwards. 

17. I sometimes like to watch teleseryes but I am afraid that people will know it because they might say I am stereotypical. 

18. I’m afraid of rejections but I still find ways to find them. 

19. I love watching scary movies but it will make me scared for days that I don’t even sleep at night anymore. 

19. I like to try skateboarding but I’m afraid to get bruises and cuts. 

20. I love reading books but I get disappointed if it does not have a good ending. 

21. I hate novel-based movies, it doesn’t give judgment to good books. 

22. I like Nicholas Sparks but I hate most of his stories. 

23. I love driving. But I no longer have a car. 

23. I love a lot of songs but I’m afraid that people will discriminate my kind of genre. So i keep quiet when people say “Do you know that new song of Justin Bieber?” 

24. I like profanities and cursing but I chose the people who I am with before I swear. Hehe. 

25. I’m an outspoken person and regrets some of my sentences after delivering them. 

26. I have an obssessive compulsive disorder. I hate dirty bathrooms and dirty things. I tend to arrange my clothes by color too. Haha 

-told ya, random weirdness.